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Grace Trinity is a cross-cultural, witnessing community of faith, worshiping God in Jesus Christ, trusting in the power of the Holy Spirit, nurturing families, and serving the community. The church is a fertile ground where strong friendships have been built and the members have become a close-knit family in Christ Jesus. Many of our members are immigrants and they feel that the church is a home away from home. Even though we speak many languages, we worship in English. The inter-generational, inclusive nature of the church has encouraged many new families to join.



Church History

Grace Trinity United Church of Christ is the brainchild of a small group of church leaders -Rev.Dr. Chandra Soans (founder), Rev Dr. Russell Mitman, conference minister of Pennsylvania Southeast conference, Rev.Marty Bupp, Associate conference minister (retired), Rev Dr. John Deckenback, conference minister, Central Atlantic conference of the United Church of Christ. It began its life in July 1996, when a small group of individuals joined Dr. Soans to establish a new church.


After much prayer and discernment, the place chosen for ministry was Frankford. We inherited a property that was once Frankford congregational church that was at the verge of death and decay. Along with the property, we inherited problems as well: A dilapidated building, a church yard frequented regularly by drug dealers, trash heaps around the church and a run down neighborhood. We chose this place with the purpose of bringing transformation and healing to the neighborhood. It was not a small challenge for a new church-start to deal with these problems. So God provided us dedicated members who were willing to buy the vision and travel along this challenging journey. Today, we see visible signs of the transformation happen in the neighborhood because of the ministry of the church.



When Grace Trinity church started, the 3 remnant members of the Frankford congregational church welcomed us with open arms and decided to close down their church, so that a new church could be born. At this time, 11 members joined the team under the leadership of Rev. Soans to establish Grace Trinity United church of Christ. Today, it is a vibrant congregation, with around 180 members ably led by Rev. Dr. Soans and Rev. Kamalesh Stephen.