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Grace Neighborhood Development Corporation

GNDC provides, pre-purchase counseling, credit counseling, home ownership and home maintenance counseling and other financial services to our community members who rent their homes. Our goal is to aid these low – income families in purchasing their own homes for the benefit of, not only the families, but the community as well. This counseling supports members in their effort to increase affordable and sustainable home ownership for lower income, new immigrant and minority households. Providing neighborhood residents with safe, secure housing is important for any community.

Developing affordable and market rate rental and for-sale housing in GNDC is a priority for GNDC. For the past 4years, we have worked consistently to make our community one of the most livable neighborhoods in Northeast Philadelphia.

GNDC’s Housing Initiative has taken many of oxford circle residents from wanting a home of their own, to owning their very first home. This renovation and resale program enables families to purchase newly-restored, affordably priced homes. GNDC Community Development Corporation,GNDC’S housing counseling subsidiary, works with homeowners to provide foreclosure prevention and other homeownership counseling services.

Economic development is an equally important aspect of what GNDC is doing in the community. Today we own more than 7000 square feet of commercial space purchased to new and existing businesses, and our projects have generated more than 100 permanent and day care-related jobs. GNDC has also helped create daycare facilities, job training and job placement programs, and we regularly work with businesses in the neighborhood, providing technical assistance and financial support.

GNDC recognizes that housing and economic development are two key ingredients for any community to be able to sustain itself. We believe our plan to address the needs of the community has been successful. Today, OXFORD CIRCLE continues to be one of the most livable neighborhoods in Northeast Philadelphia.

PHFA has recognized our organization as its partner for the entire program mentioned above. With their constant guidance and your financial support we can bring families back to economically revitalizing areas and continue to stabilize and rebuild our communities.

Grace Neighborhood Development Corporation’s 1st time Home ownership program is designed to provide comprehensive home buying education. The program consists of two sections. Each will address important topics that will enable the participant to feel confident about his/her knowledge of the home buying process.

The Housing Counseling Program at Grace Neighborhood Development Corporation.

The Grace Neighborhood Development Corporation (GNDCHCA), a wholly-owned subsidiary of GNDC, conducts a Housing Counseling Program that is under contract with the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency to provide housing counseling services. Counseling Program is funded by, the PA Housing Finance Agency,

Counseling Services Provided

  • Pre-Purchase Workshops and One-on-One Sessions: Weekly workshops and One-on-One sessions for prospective homebuyers.
  • Post-Purchase Counseling: One-on-One sessions for current homeowners to discuss issues encountered after purchase, such as meeting mortgage payments, budgeting, money management and home maintenance.
  • Default and Delinquency: Mortgage Delinquency / Homeowners' Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program (HEMAP),
  • Foreclosure Prevention: Tools and assistance available to help prevent foreclosures (Loan Modification, Unique Refinance Products offered by the State of Pennsylvania and FHA).
  • Pre-Loan: Refinancing / Home Improvement Loans / Anti-Predatory Lending
  • Post-Loan: Predatory Lending Issues