Grace Neighborhood Development Corporation was founded in 2001 expressly to serve and empower low-income minority and immigrant children in one of the high-risk neighborhoods of Philadelphia. The GNDC owes its genesis to our awareness of the stark reality and alarming statistics that paint a bleak picture of the inner city minority and immigrant youth. The founders recognized the need for a change and created the GNDC-Housing Program and established quality day care centers and educational programs for the community.

The mission of the housing ministry is to empower low to moderate income individuals to purchase new home by educating them on ways of maintaining good credit, providing home maintenance counseling to the prospective home buyer and teaching them financial planning. Our goal is to aid these families in purchasing their own homes for their own benefit and for the benefit of the community as well.

Our targeted neighborhoods are North and Northeast Philadelphia and the surrounding counties such as Montgomery County and Bucks County, where the population is racially diverse, single-parent families are more common, and the median parental age is 30-50 years.

Low and moderate income people will benefit from the GNDC program by achieving home-ownership which otherwise would not be possible. GNDC will substantially rehabilitate properties to meet all code requirements and achieve a level of repair so that home owners do not have to face costly home repairs during their first years of ownership. GNDC employs several mechanisms to ensure that mortgage payments remain affordable to first time home-buyers. More than 500 families are now proud home owners through the mediation of this Housing Ministry.