Grace-Trinity has supported many missionary ventures within the community and abroad. Grace Sunday school has also led the way for many outreach projects in recent years. Beginning in 2011, our children and congregation have enthusiastically collected resources every year to provide a meaningful Christmas gift to their less fortunate counterpart's across the world, ranging from Christmas shoe box gifts, water filters for pure water supply, collecting money to buy Christmas clothes to supplying backpacks for children.

Our children and their families also participate in the 'Global Aid Network', in packing food and seeds for economically challenged countries.

Local Mission support includes:

Annual Thanksgiving Meal providing food and company to the most needy and homeless people of Philadelphia on Thanksgiving Day; Support to Seminaries: Princeton Theological Seminary. Lutheran Theological Seminary, Lancaster Theological Seminary and New Brunswick Theological Seminary;

Support to Senior Homes: Wyncote Church Home, Phoebe Ministries and Philadelphia protestant Home;

Orphanage and Boarding Homes: Bethany children’s home;

Local Church support: Nepali Church in Maryland;

Our churches Wider Mission (OCWM): this includes the support of the Pennsylvania Southeast Conference and the National church and their World Mission.

We have supported a needy family for the past 10 years. By the grace of God, the children of this family obtained admission in Harvard University in Boston. God has multiplied and blessed our little effort on behalf of this family and we take tremendous pride in what God is doing in the life of these children.

The other major part of our local mission is our Pre-School Ministry and Housing Ministry which are covered under separate articles.

World Mission support includes: 

Support to centers of mentally challenged children in India: Asha Nilaya in Udupi, Lisa Home in Bangalore, Opportunity School in Chennai;

Theological Seminaries: United Theological College, Bangalore; Karnataka Theological College, Mangalore; Andhra Theological College, Hyderabad;

Other mission partners are in Nepal and Pakistan: Koinonia Church and Pakistan Partner Churches.

 All the Glory to God, who enabled us to be a small part of God's work!